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Amicorp Trustees (India) Pvt. Ltd.
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Amicorp Bangalore Services
Amicorp's second office in Bangalore, Amicorp Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., was established in July 2011. This office supports clients in southern and eastern India. Employing the capabilities of a large network of Indian professionals, such as i-banking, law and accounting firms, the office regularly functions as an intermediary for clients located in other parts of the world who need the expert services of a specialist in inbound investment in India. The office also supports several domestic multinational companies in their international businesses.

Clients also benefit greatly from the office's knowledgeable industry professionals and quick response time.

The main services provided by Amicorp Bangalore include:
  • Establishing foreign holding and operational companies for Indian companies investing overseas (outbound);
  • Providing tax-efficient structures for Indian (inbound) investments through FDI (foreign direct investment), FII (foreign institutional investment), FVCI (foreign venture capital investment), debt financing, or other investment routes;
  • Establishing international trading structures that are compliant with India’s transfer pricing regulations;
  • Establishing foreign trusts or private foundations for Indian residents and NRIs (nonresident Indians) for estate and investment planning purposes;
  • Establishing and administering private equity funds.
Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati and Arabic

Contact Address
Amicorp Advisory Services Private Limited
C-5, Corporate Tower C,
5th Floor, Diamond District,
No.150, Old Airport Road
Bangalore 560008

CIN - U74140MH2007PTC172174

Amicorp Mumbai Trustees
Amicorp Management India
Amicorp Trustees (India) Pvt. Ltd., founded in January 2012, specializes in onshore estate and succession planning for Indian resident and NRI, offering the most appropriate solutions by adhering to Indian and worldwide laws.

Services Offered:
  • Trust formation
  • Corporate trustee
  • Management trustee or trust administration
  • Will drafting
  • Executorship services
  • Custodian services
Key Objectives of Estate / Succession Planning:
  • Protection of assets (movable & immovable)
  • Avoidance of dispute / conflicts within or outside the Family
  • Planning for unforeseen eventualities
  • Consolidation of family assets under one legal structure
  • Effectively management and administration of assets of family members with different residential status
  • Inheritance & retirement planning
  • Generation skipping
  • Distribution of assets as per ones wish and not as per the personal law
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Contact Address
Amicorp Trustees (India) Pvt. Ltd.
# 63, Maker Chambers VI
6th Floor, Nariman Point
Mumbai 400 021

CIN - U93000MH2012PTC225932